Top 3 CLEAN Pre-Workouts

Through extensive research, trials, and errors, we narrow down the list to three of the most effective pre-workout powders that are free of artificial BS.



A Little Backstory

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Back in 2011, I was a skinny-fat fu..erm fellow.
I tried working out but it was like climbing up a glass wall,
I just kept sliding back down.
Until one day a cool coworker shared his experience of drinking this “pre-workout” powder and the way he gestured, the focus he had as if he was on an electric chair, smiling. This made me curious enough to see for myself. Soon after, the glass wall was behind me, my moobs melted and I got a four-pack.

Dozens of bottles and 7 years of errors later I bring you
TOP 3 PRE-WORKOUT POWDERS (dramatic explosion)
and You get to scoop up the sweet cream of this wisdom! :-0
If you can call it that.


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the NutriChem Labs


This one is my absolute favorite as it has everything we need:

Stimulants from natural sources to get that energy boost: Green Tea Leaves 250mg, Green Coffee Beans 250mg.

Muscle Support and blood circulation to get swole: L-Citrulline, Beta Alanine, Creatine Mono, L-Arginine AKG - an advanced form.

Amino Acids to support muscles while training: BCAAs (plant-based!), L-Carnitine, NALT.

Superfood Complex for sustained natural energy and health benefits: Pomegranate Extract, Beet Juice, Blueberries, Spinach, Guarana, Garlic, and Bioperine to increase bioavailability i.e. maximize absorption.

Do you see now why I love it? Not only that, about half of the ingredients are fermented meaning, according to science, it has good bacteria that may improve digestive health, boost immunity, promote healthy weight and other good stuff.

With everything it brings to the table: variety and quality of ingredients, there's nothing else currently out there that beats this powder.


Vintage Blast

by Old School Labs


Vintage is the second option. It’s clean. It’s legit. It has everything to get you ready to work! Unlike the other ones on our list, it has D-Aspartic Acid, a hormone-producing amino acid that may ultimately result in an increase in testosterone as well as give you more strength and faster recovery.

Another thing that’s different is that it has Micro-Encapsulated Caffeine which is time-released giving you an extra surge of adrenalin later. It doesn’t have any superfoods like Nature’s Pump but it does have vitamins. Overall it’s a great second option in case Amazon runs out of stock of the first option.

If only it had some BCAAs then this powder would be nearly perfect.



by MRM


Aside from it being a great pre-workout, one of the most attractive things about it is the price. At times you can pick one of these up for less than 20$ with Amazon Prime shipping. For 29 servings that’s a steal!

There are a few things that are different about this powder.  Firstly, Driven supports the body with (Defence/)Hydration containing Betaine with its numerous benefits: heart health, liver function, digestive aid, muscle mass improvement, fat loss, etc.  Schizandra Extract, a stimulant that also lowers inflammation, improves memory, helps deal with stress, resistance to disease and has strong antioxidant effects. Peak ATP improves muscular endurance.

It does, however, have Trehalose, a controversial sugar. While it has many health benefits: neuroprotection, prevents cardiovascular disease, gastrointestinal benefits, it has been evidently linked to growth of nasty bacteria in the intestines. While it doesn’t cause it, the existing bacteria feeds off it. But who knows if it’s true. Just thought I’d mention it.

Also, no BCAA’s in this powder but MRM does sell them separately.

Overall, for 15-20$, this powder is a killer deal.

As you can see

There are better options out there than energy drinks.

How ripped and shredded will you get with these power-ders at your disposal?


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