Best Simple Energy Stack

Save money by mixing your own powders.

It’s super easy and I’ll tell you exactly how to do it.


A Little Backstory

I’ve been experimenting with powders for about six years now. While it’s still research in progress and I continue improving, I want to share something simple that works.


In case you’re wondering, all these powders are legal and safe within recommended doses and can be easily obtained from Amazon, currently the most trusted online retailer worldwide.

Let’s jump right in.

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I’ve been experimenting with powders for many years now.

Here’s a simple & effective combination that works.


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the bomb


Take Hordenine, a natural stimulant that’s primarily extracted from barley or bitter orange fruit and Phenylethylamine (or PEA), an organic compound that naturally occurs in our brain and body and also found in chocolate, nuts, soy, citrus fruits, vinegar etc. PEA is also known as “the love molecule“. Some even compare it to amphetamines. Which sounds far-fetched to me, but I wouldn’t know. Individually they don’t do much.
But mix them together.. (BOOOM)

Normally if you take PEA powder alone, the effects are very short lived and last a few minutes, but mixing it with Hordenine, they are extended and intensified many times over.

This combo will have you feeling good and energized. It’s also a notorious brain fog eliminator and focus stimulator. I typically use this combo to “get things done“. Especially upon waking up.

Start out with 300-500mg of PEA and about 35-50mg of Hordenine on an empty stomach and see how you tolerate it. Take too much and you’ll get a rapid heartbeat, feel floaty, get scalp tingles and your skin might flush (turn red in random places like hands or face). Not to worry though, because it’s a natural reaction and will subside quite fast. Just back off a bit on the PEA and you’ll be fine.

Bro tip: you might want to get some empty capsules because the powders are very bitter.

Sometimes when I’m lazy I just take them straight, simply chase it with some water or coffee or juice or whatever else I have at hand but I’ve built my taste tolerance to bitter powders over time so YOU’VE BEEN WARNED alright?


Caffeine and L-Theanine

the clean alternative


I’m sure you already know all about caffeine, but have you tried mixing it with Theanine?

Theanine is mostly derived from green tea and synergizes with caffeine really well in such a way that it enhances the positives: focus and energy and reduces the negatives: jitters and shortness of breath.

This combo gives you smooth energy without the crash, calm mental focus perfect for social situations or productivity when you need it and gives you overall, the way I would describe it, a nice wholesome feeling,

Mix 100mg of caffeine to about 200250mg of theanine – is how I like it.

You could also try it out in ready-to-go pills before you commit to a bag of these powders. But you will save a lot of money when you do decide to.










DHEA and Vitamin D3

hormone support


DHEA has been touted as the “super hormone” or “natures antidote to aging”/fountain of youth.

By the age of 30, our bodies slow down in producing it naturally
so it’s a good idea to supplement with this stuff as we get older.
I myself have been feeling great since I’ve been taking it.

Although some people may experience side effects with increased doses, this hasn’t been the case for me personally.

The recommended dose is 100mg but I take 100-300mg daily.
The more I take, the more energetic and alive I feel.


Vitamin D3 promotes wakefulness aside from assisting in hormone production and bone density. Nowadays we don’t always have the luxury to get the necessary amounts of vitamin D from the sun, therefore it’s important that we don’t overlook this one. The general recommendation is to take 1000 IU per 25lbs of body weight everyday. Other experts suggest that 10000 IU per day works best preferably in the morning and afternoon.

Sports Research (see pic on the left) makes the best vitamin D3 supplement as it is made from vegan sources and with coconut oil added for better absorption while staying competitively priced.




for physical performance


You can go an extra mile and add some other powders to make it more of a DIY pre-workout alternative. Look into powders like:

Arginine AKG – for improving blood flow and vascularity.

Creatine HCL – an advanced version of creatine for muscle mass, physical power and mental endurance. This version of creatine doesn’t cause bloating or muscle cramps like Creatine Mono and doesn’t need to be cycled.

Beta Alanine – physical performance, commonly found in pre-workout powders. (that skin crawling sensation)

N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine (NALT) – energy and well being, commonly used in pre-workouts and energy drinks like that “5-hour” one.

Glutamine – to promote recovery.

Acetyl L-Carnitine (ALCAR) – an amino acid essential for healthy heart, muscle, and brain function, fat loss, and performance.

Choline Bitartrate for the neurotransmitter (brain) and nervous system support, and endurance boost.






Some of these powders come with measuring scoops, some don’t.

Hordenine comes with a 50mg scoop, Theanine with a 250mg. They did the last time I ordered anyway.

You may also want to invest in a scale like this one.

You don’t have to,  but it’s a good idea to keep track until you learn your individual tolerance and train your eyes.

As a reminder, I advise getting some large empty capsules (or average size 00) and stuffing them with some of the powders using measuring scoops.



Everyone is different

Therefore individual experience may vary.

You shouldn’t take it if you have health conditions. I’m not a doctor nor an expert and simply sharing my insights. Be smart. Don’t abuse it. Wisely follow the dosage protocol.

If you have any questions that you can’t solve with search engines yourself, feel free to

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