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This site was created to enrich everyone and anyone who wants more out of life, not easily offended by honest constructive opinions and occasionally just be plain entertained.

The sole purpose of this website is to bring you content faster because making videos can take a while since this is a one-man hobby and I sometimes waste time on details, it would be much faster and convenient to post info here until videos are done and ready for easy viewing. That way I don’t leave you hanging for too long and you can get the information as soon as it’s available!

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“Like many of us, I’ve been wanting to create a Youtube Channel that would have a community of cool, humble and fun loving people I can relate with, for years, but grown up life with it’s boring mundane responsibilities just kept getting in the way. Now years are passing by and I’m not getting any closer to that dream, idly watching others grow and fulfill theirs. So this is it, I’m ready to bring value to the world! Whatever that may turn out to be.. ”

Taly, Creator of BTV

Most of us are scared of the unknown, failure, being wrong 

and making mistakes (thanks school!). But that’s the natural way of learning and growing as individuals. Because after the time goes by looking back with the weight of not even trying, knowing that you could’ve and should’ve done more going after what you really want is far worse. I’ve already reached my 30s and my biggest regret is playing it safe and giving up again and again in my 20s, starting over from scratch each time and not sticking to something. If you can relate, I feel your pain and hopefully you’ll embrace your uniqueness and share it with the world. No one is winning if you keep it all to yourself.

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A little Bio:

I was born in Latvia and my native language is Russian. I moved to the US in 2004. My birth name is Vitaly but friends would call me Brutaly. I have a wonderful wife and son who are incredibly supportive and they mean the world to me. Prior to BTV my first video uploaded was in 2007 with me and some friends attempting our own rock band. Then I was flying solo and uploaded some guitar and vocal covers. I also made a few gaming channels that failed miserably and I gave up on. I’ve been making music for most of my life but my biggest challenge is finishing what I start. Some finished projects are uploaded to YouTube and I intend to coming back to uploading on that channel when I’m ready. If you’re curious my DJ name is Subvenox.

That’s all I got for now. If you read the wall of text this far, I’m truly honored! I hope you get rich, have great health and surrounded with people that care for you!

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